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YourForest podcast, March 2023 — Reconsidering the wood wide web, Feb 2023 — Wood-Wide-Web“ auf dem Prüfstand

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Inverse, Feb 2023 — Can Trees Actually Talk to One Another?

Gizmodo, Feb 2023 – Does the ‘Woodwide Web’ Exist? Trees May Not Have Internet After All

Le Monde, Feb 2023 – Controverse sur la communication souterraine entre les arbres

CBC, As it Happens, Feb 2023 – As It Happens with Nil Köksal, Chris Howden (1 hour 10 m

IQ – Wissenschaft und Forschung Magazin, Feb 2023 – Wood Wide Web Können Bäume miteinander kommunizieren?, Feb 2023 – Can a ‘wood-wide web’ of fungi really connect trees in a forest? (nice video!)

Le Figaro, Feb 2023 – Les arbres d’une forêt sont-ils vraiment connectés entre eux par un «internet des sols» ?

CBC  Edmonton AM, Feb 2023 – The popular claim that trees can talk to each other may be flawed

CBC Calgary Eyeopener, Feb 2023 – ‘remember the popular idea that trees can talk to each other? Our next guest says the science behind the claim, may be flawed. We hear why.’

Independent Tribune, Feb 2023 – Can a ‘wood-wide web’ of fungi really connect trees in a forest?

Globe and Mail, Feb 2023 – Western Canada: Study casts doubt on underground communication between trees, fungi

RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland, Feb 2023 – Reden Bäume wirklich miteinander?

Washington Post, Feb 2023 – Scientists tangle over ‘wood wide web’ connecting forests and fungi

Deutschlandfunk, Feb 2023 – Kontroverse über das Wood Wide Web

Globe and Mail, Feb 2023 – Trees communicating via fungal networks has become a popular theory. These scientists say the evidence is scarce. 

New Scientist, Feb 2023 – Do trees communicate via a ‘wood wide web’? The evidence is lacking

Scientific American, Feb 2023 – Do Trees Really Support Each Other through a Network of Fungi?

Publico, Feb 2023 – As árvores “conversam” debaixo da terra? Um novo estudo diz que não sabemos

The Conversation, Feb 2023 – Do trees really stay in touch via a ‘wood-wide web’? Here’s what the evidence says

Ole Miss News, Feb 2023 – Can Trees Communicate Underground? Maybe Not

Tek Crispy, Feb 2023 – Los árboles están conectados a una red de hongos, la “Wood Wide Web”

GuruMeditation, Feb 2023 – L’idée d’un vaste réseau de champignons reliant les arbres d’une forêt entre eux serait-elle exagérée ?

ntv, Feb 2023 – Studie hinterfragt Mythos sprechender Bäume

Interesting Engineering, Feb 2023 – Can trees talk to each other with fungal networks? Study raises doubts

science alert, Feb 2023 – Does a Vast Network of Fungi Connect Forests? Here’s What We Know., Feb 2023 – Do forest trees really ‘talk’ through underground fungi?, Feb 2023 – The claim that forest trees “talk” through underground fungi is questionable

University of Alberta Folio, Feb 2023 – Do trees really ‘talk’ to each other through underground fungal networks? 

The New York Times, Nov 2022 – Are Trees Talking Underground? For Scientists, It’s in Dispute

The Gateway, Dec 2020 – Looking beyond the surface: U of A study finds fungal networks benefit tree growth

University of Alberta, October 22, 2020 – Soil fungi act like a support network for trees, study shows

University of Alberta – Wildfires, logging affect fungi pine forests depend on for survival, studies show

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Cheryl Crouchers’s Innovation Anthology – CONRAD 2013.12: Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Communities in Aurora Capping Study