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Our research focuses on the mycorrhizal ecology of forests. Mycorrhizas are symbioses formed between roots and fungi, and play important roles in forest recovery after disturbances, carbon cycling, and formation of soils.  Through a combination of field, lab and greenhouse experiments, we learn about mycorrhizas and apply this knowledge to maintain and restore forests on the landscape.

Lab News

James Franklin was awarded a University of Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship!

Joseph Birch had his manuscript 'Beyond seedlings: ectomycorrhizal fungal networks and growth of Pseudotsuga menziesii' accepted by Journal of Ecology. This paper is a beautiful example of combining dendroecology with mapping of fungal networks, and how it can be used to understand the relationship between connectivity among trees via EM fungi and their growth.

Nick Brown successfully defended his MSc thesis titled 'Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in Bitumen: Exploring Plant-Assisted and Microbial Stimulation Techniques'. Congratulations, Nick!

Elena Schaefer joined the lab to start her MSc. She will be co-supervised by Kitty Gehring at Northern Arizona University. Welcome, Elena!

And we have two undergrads joining us this semester to work on independent studies. Welcome Anthony Moir and Victoria Colyn!


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Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply. We are an inclusive lab committed to providing a welcoming, safe and creative research environment for all. We regard diversity as strength. Please email justine.karst@ualberta.ca