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Our research focuses on belowground interactions between plants, fungi and their environment to understand their ecology. Through a combination of field, lab and greenhouse experiments, we apply this knowledge to restore degraded ecosystems.

Lab News

June 26, 2020

I am recruiting a PhD to start May or September, 2020. The successful recruit will have an interest in the intersection of mycorrhizal ecology and plant biogeography and/or biogeochemistry. Students must be eligible to apply for internal and external awards, which means a GPA of at least a 3.7, and most likely higher. A MSc in ecology or extensive experience in undergraduate research is required. Stipend is $24,000 (Canadian) per year for three years. I offer a creative research environment, intellectual freedom, and independence. Please email a CV, and in less than 500 words, a rough roadmap of your PhD to justine.karst@ualberta.ca

Info on grad studies in the department: here


April 15, 2019

Charlotte Thomasson has joined the lab for the summer with a NSERC USRA in hand. James Franklin won an ACA scholarship to dig around for fungi found in natural deposits of bitumen. Congratulations to both!


October 18, 2018

Nick Brown has started a MSc with us, Christine Simard has stayed on as a technician, and Andrea Simeon is doing an undergrad study.



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