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Our research focuses on the mycorrhizal ecology of forests. Mycorrhizas are symbioses formed between roots and fungi, and play important roles in forest recovery after disturbances, carbon cycling, and formation of soils.  Through a combination of field, lab and greenhouse experiments, we learn about mycorrhizas and apply this knowledge to maintain and restore forests on the landscape.

Lab News

October 1, 2023. Welcome to the lab, Ferf Brownoff.  Ferf is starting a MSc with me and will be co-supervised by Melanie Jones.

Justine is going on a sabbatical starting July 1, 2023!

May 27, 2023. My and Jason Hoeksema's letter to PBS asking them to remove two videos 'Plants Use An Internet Made of Fungus' and 'Why do Trees Talk to Each Other?' Complaint_PBS

May 22, 2023. Our response to the CBC, who in their email disagreed with us that their video promulgates misinformation about common mycorrhizal networks in forests. CBC response Planet Wonder

April 14, 2023. My and Jason Hoeksema's letter to the CBC asking them to remove 'What are trees saying to each other about climate change? | Planet Wonder Ep. 1' CBC trees talking

April 10, 2023. My and Jason Hoeksema's letter to the BBC asking them to remove 'How trees secretly talk to each other' because it promulgates misinformation (and a note about the same problem in Wild Isles): BBC Trees talk to each other


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We are an inclusive lab committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and creative research environment for all. We regard viewpoint diversity as strength. Please email justine.karst@ualberta.ca