Former Members

James Franklin - PhD 2022

Thesis title: Exploring how soil fungi can be used to restore native trees on reclaimed substrates containing petroleum hydrocarbons


Jean Rodriguez-Ramos - PhD 2021

Thesis title: Characterization, restoration, and assembly of fungal communities in lodgepole pine forests impacted by disturbances


Joseph Cooper - PhD 2020

Thesis title: An exploration of aboveground and belowground interactions that shape forest dynamics


Elena Schaefer - MSc 2022

Thesis title: Mycorrhizas and root traits of the riparian tree species Populus fremontii


Nick Brown - MSc 2020

Thesis title: Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in bitumen: exploring plant-assisted and microbial stimulation techniques


Ariel Brown - MSc 2020

Thesis title: Cutin and suberin in mixed-wood boreal forest plants and their use as markers for origin of soil organic matter


Josh Wasyliw - MSc 2019

Thesis title: Ectomycorrhizal functional diversity parallels fine root and leaf abundance with forest stand age.


Marc La Flèche - MSc 2019

Thesis title: Exploring tree rooting behaviour in bituminous soils

Evan Fellrath - MSc 2019

Thesis title: Soil fungi after pine beetle outbreak: diagnosis of fungal community composition and treatment of outplanted seedlings with tailored soil inoculum

Paul Metzler - MSc 2018

Thesis title: Molecular identification of boreal forest roots: an expansion of techniques and investigation of
limitations and biases

Jon Cale - Post doc 2019


Gregory J Pec - Post doc 2017


Rykkar Jackson- Field/lab tech 2022


Charlotte Thomasson - Field/lab tech 2019


Christine Simard - Field/lab tech 2018–2019


Andrea Simeon- Lab technician 2018


Brea Burton - Field/lab technician 2018-19


Jason Eerkes - Field technician 2018


Serena Farrugia - Field/Lab Technician 2018


Chloe Christenson - Field/Lab Technician 2017-18


Angelica Rice - Field/lab technician 2017


Dana Hopfauf- Field technician 2017


Cole Burns - Field technician 2016


Alison Wilson - Field Technician 2016