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Former members

Cole Burns - Field technician

Cole completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, majoring in Conservation Biology. After helping Justine with her summer projects as a field technician, he started a MSc at the University of Calgary fall 2016. His research interests include plant ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny, particularly for boreal berry-yielding species. 



Alison Wilson - Field Technician 

Alison provided field support for the Karst research group, and recently received her MSc. in Land Reclamation from the University of Alberta. In her spare time, Alison enjoys coaching and competitive cheerleading, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 




Angelica Rice - Field/lab technician

Angie is an Environmental Science student from Mount Royal University who will be completing her undergraduate degree in the fall. With a variety of interests including wildlife and biodiversity conservation, Angie is excited to be joining the Karst Lab for the summer. Interested in potentially continuing her education after completing her undergrad, she looks forward to learning about the different research projects being conducted in the Karst Lab.  




Gregory J Pec - Post doc 

Greg is an ecologist with broad research interests on the role of natural and human-caused disturbance, environmental heterogeneity, plant-soil interactions and biotic interactions in shaping the structure, and, in turn, the functioning of ecological communities. Greg is currently working on examining the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in boreal forest restoration. Greg is co-supervised by Simon Landhäusser.